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Open the APP to view more high-definition quotations" According to previous reports by US media, Trump’s female assistant Hope Hicks tested positive for the new crown virus.The Fed’s attitude is biased towards doves.

The price of the chart broke through the downward trend line since the 1895 adjustment.The optimism of the non-agricultural report made the Fed's interest rate cut uncertain.The Dow plunged 800 points, setting its worst performance in 2019.

On the upside, resistance is located at the overnight high of 12.00 and then looking towards 30.

How about the suspended stocks.Although economic growth has accelerated, the boost in exports and inventories has masked the fact that domestic demand is weak.At the same time, new signs of pressure in the global economy may prompt global central banks to implement stimulus measures and provide impetus to the rise of gold.

Financial Calendar Information Express Precious Metals Simulated Trading Precious Metals Expert Live Room Gold Investment Network Precious Metals Market Software Fed Chairman Powell said on Wednesday that the Fed’s first rate cut by 25 basis points since the financial crisis is not the beginning of a broader easing of monetary policy.

On Wednesday (July 31) Asian trading hours, spot gold weakened slightly.The price of gold is approaching the annual high of US,439.20 per ounce reached on June 25.The analysis believes that daily spot gold at ,433 per ounce was blocked for the second time.

If it stays above this level, it will continue to rise to 50-1500.